How to add a Chief Content Officer to your team – for free!

NPR recently announced that their executive in charge of Digital Media would become their Chief Content Officer. In a piece in the New York Times, it’s reported that the News and Programming departments will both report in to this new position, highlighting the importance of creating and sharing content across digital and traditional channels.

So while we may talk about what we can achieve with LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, it’s a good reminder that Social Media is all about the content.

Focus 80% of your energy on creating compelling content, and the rest of your time optimizing it’s use through your various online channels. It’s easy to get caught up in making the landing pages attractive and cultivating a long list of followers, but that will only get results if you have good content to share.

If you’re lucky, you may have someone on staff who actually gets paid to maintain the social media presence. But unless you’re a News organization like NPR, the chances are that content is being created as a side-product of other work, or in someone’s spare time. So you need to make it easy, fun and hopefully rewarding, for your team to create content.

Some ideas to add a Chief Content Officer (CCO) to your team:

1) Run a  contest to choose the “Best Blog Article” or “Tastiest Tweet” from your employees. Winner gets a cash prize and the CCO award of the month.

2)  Task someone with identifying existing content in your organization that can be re-purposed for social media…..and add “Chief Content Officer” to their business card!

3) Give some informal training on how to write a blog, send a tweet or make a quick video, for those on your team who aren’t professional Content Creators – but would like to know how.

There are many ways to make it work. But whatever you do, make sure it’s “All About the Content”.

Published by Steve Cummins

VP of Marketing at Opengear; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

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