The Mobile Revolution – What it Means for B2B Marketing

“7 Billion people on earth and 6 Billion mobile subscriptions – it’s revolutionary”. That’s how Christine “CK” Kerley began her presentation to the Business Marketing Association of NJ on how Mobile Marketing is key to B2B success. Some impressive numbers – 7 trillion texts sent in 2011, 183 billion apps to be downloaded in 2015 – highlight that our cellphones are “always on, always with you and always connected”. Hence the new phrase “Nomophobia” to describe the fear of being without your mobile device!

Most executives are connected 24/7 to their “first screen”, so why wouldn’t you want to be there with them.

Having set the scene, CK then outlined her three imperatives for B2B Mobile Marketers:

Optimize Your Content for the unique mobile environment. If your customer is viewing your website on a mobile device, there are two areas to consider. First, the readability; a normal homepage will be too small, so build a specific webpage configured for a small screen. It may be simpler than your main website; and maybe video is a key element which can easily be seen on a smaller screen. Second, think about what your customer is most likely to want to do on your mobile site;  most airlines now have a mobile site which lists “Flight Status” or “Check-in” as one of a few simple choices; an enewsletter should read differently on a cellphone (text only) compared to your desktop screen. How will your customer use mobile?

Re-imagine B2B Marketing Content through Mobile Tools. CK gave several examples of the many new options that mobile devices offer for marketers. SMS/texts with good contextual messaging and offers; QR codes leading to a video testimonial from a customer; tradeshow apps to help users navigate the show and drive traffic to the booth; and perhaps a killer app, location based services to drive relevant content to the mobile device. CK’s advice –  “Give your audience the information they need when & where they need it”

“Better, Easier, Faster” Mobile Strategies.  CK cautioned that, whatever you try to achieve with Mobile marketing, make sure it’s intended to make your customer’s life easier, not just impress your boss! She highlighted Chase Banks’ introduction of a check-scanning app, and Regus’ ability to direct you to available office space via location-based apps, as good examples of using mobile to improve the customer experience.

CK’s energetic presentation left the audience with  plenty of ideas on how to use Mobile Marketing for B2B, and no doubt several attendees went into the office the next day with plans to take action.

If you missed the BMA-NJ meeting, you can see CK’s videos and download her ebook “The Mobile Revolution and B2B”, available at

Published by Steve Cummins

Marketing leader; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

One thought on “The Mobile Revolution – What it Means for B2B Marketing

  1. Thanks for posting the summary. I was unable to attend but was curious what CK would say about mobile. We’re currently recommending new website builds to consider a responsive design and most are doing them. This way all URLs work in mobile and desktop environments.

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