Sonic Branding – A Way to Make People Smile.

Sonic Branding isn’t something that gets a lot of attention in B2B Marketing. But we’re aware of it day in and day out as consumers. It’s the the three chimes that are on NBC after every show,  the insidious 4 tones of Intel, and the upbeat 5 notes that remind you to eat at McDonalds.

The beauty of sonic, or audio, branding is that you aren’t even aware of it in most cases. But a few notes will instantly make you think of the brand or product it’s associated with.

Think of the ice-cream van music that drives kids (and big kids) crazy!!

So it was refreshing to come across an example of this in a good way. At Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, they play lullaby music every time a baby is born at the hospital. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much. But when you’re sitting in the cardiac wing, or the cancer unit, and you see patients and visitors spontaneously break out into a smile, you realize the power of music. One day recently, the music played twice within a few minutes – twins, maybe?!

Is there a tune that’s associated with your brand? If so, does it make people smile or frown?!

Published by Steve Cummins

VP of Marketing at Opengear; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Sonic Branding – A Way to Make People Smile.

  1. Hi Steve,

    Great blog post and much thanks for spreading the word about the value of audio branding. I actually have my own audio branding consultancy, FusionFlow Media, and am a strong evangelist for the “power of sound”. As you stated, many brands do not give it the level of attention it deserves, but we are starting to see some growth in this area. Especially considering the essential need for brands to stand out given today’s marketplace.

    I also write about audio branding, emotional engagement, and brand strategy on my personal blog at Please feel free to take a look if you desire!

    Thanks again and much success to you!

    Founder | CEO, FusionFlow Media

  2. Hi Steve,

    Audio branding is a vital part of the marketing mix these days because of all the new touchpoints that use sound exclusively.

    You mentioned a number of what I would call audio logos and I think the key is to remember that audio branding goes beyond just a few pretty notes at the end of a commercial. A great example of this is how Audi ensures consistency in its sound

    Thanks for the post and if you’d like to learn more about audio branding I have a free e-book called “What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Audio Branding” that you can download at

    Jordan Stevens

    Chief Noisemaker, TreBrand

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