Thanks for Caring

Hurricane Sandy left my house relatively unscathed – no power for a week, and some minor roof damage. My wife’s parents weren’t so lucky – although luckier than many.

They live in Beach Haven West, close to LBI and right on the water. They were smart enough to evacuate ahead of the storm – but when they returned, Sandy had dumped water and mud throughout the house.

Over the last week, I have seen many people doing a great job in difficult times, and others just simply taking the time to care. Here’s a few of the people I’d like to thank.

Stafford Township Police. They did a great job of letting the residents back into their houses in an efficient and friendly way, and much sooner than other Shore communities.

Local church groups. Sorry, I can’t remember which churches, but several of them sent folks along to Beach Haven West with coffee and water. Much appreciated!

@RedCross. For bringing hot food and drinks during the coldest of the weather. (Not to mention, with a little bit of branding!) Although they lose a point for calling my house to see if everything was OK, and as an afterthought, to remind me that “donations are desperately needed”

Bryan Fleischmann from PuroClean; he drove from Indiana with his crew and equipment to help with the cleanup. Friendly, professional and a godsend when we had to rip out drywall, and try to dry out the house.

The FEMA inspector (with his Panasonic Toughpad!). It can’t be an easy job, but he was polite, patient and empathetic.

The Utility Crews and State Troopers from all over the country who headed East to help out. I’ve seen trucks from Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Illionois and many others. They left their families behind to work long hours in rough conditions.

And, most importantly, my friends and family from the UK for checking in to see how things were going – Debbie, Tony, Richard, Paul and others.

There’s a lot more work to be done to rebuild the Shore communities, but having seen locals and visitors in action this week, I’m optimistic that the area will bounce back quickly.


Published by Steve Cummins

VP of Marketing at Opengear; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

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