Time for a Change…

After 7 years with Panasonic, and 20+ with Technology companies, it’s time for a change.

At the beginning of the year, I accepted a new position with Dittman Incentive Marketing, a company which provide sales incentive programs, rewards and recognition solutions. I’ll be in charge of their Digital Marketing and Communications activities.

“Hmm…” you might be thinking. “Seems like an unusual move.”

So, in a nutshell, here’s why.

1) Dittman is serious about introducing Digital marketing concepts throughout the organization and product base. And much of their product offering is SaaS – so still some techie stuff involved.

2) I’ve had an interest in employee engagement for years; from reading Maslow’s hiearchy at University to initiating a motivation program at Panasonic

3) Travel. There’s a heavy component of “travel as reward” in Dittman’s business model. I love to travel. I love to go to new places. I love to take photos there. So now my job involves allowing other people to share those experiences.

So this may change the slant of some of the postings here. There’ll be less about marketing to engineers, perhaps a bit more about engagement and recognition. But it will still be primarily about the Wonderful World of Marketing, and especially all things digital.

Thanks for reading, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

Steve as a Museum Piece
Change is a good thing. Otherwise you might as well be made of stone…




Published by Steve Cummins

Marketing leader; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

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