Real Time Marketing – Ted Kohnen of Stein + Partners Brand Activation Speaks at BMA-NJ

(This post was originally published on BMA-NJ website)

Ted KohnenAccording to Ted Kohnen, CMO of Stein + Partners Brand ActivationReal Time Marketing is more than the latest fad– it’s an organizing principle that can be used to make the marketing message more relevant.

Beyond the much-discussed “instant” Oreo campaign during the SuperBowl blackout, Real Time Marketing (RTM) can be applied in terms of days, weeks or even months, depending on the context. It speaks to the relevance of the message to the current environment.

During his talk at the BMA-NJ Dinner Meeting, Ted laid out the four tenets of a successful RTM organization.

1) A strong, trusted Eco-system. A well-balanced team with a set of  guiding principles that allow quick decisions to be made without excessive levels of control.

2) The right tools. There are a tremendous number of software platforms that can be used to support a marketing campaign. Ted suggested  to choose a relatively small number of tools, but to be sure to use them to their full potential, rather than pick another niche tool for each application

3) Be Prepared. Ted “beamed in” Michael Ruby, the Executive Creative Director of SPBA via a short video clip (prepared specifically for the BMA-NJ event – a demonstration of RTM in action!).  Michael assured the BMA-NJ audience that effective Real Time Marketing requires lots of preparation. Each member of the team must understand the product, target market and the environment, to be able to react quickly. As he put it “Spontaneity has to be Planned”!

4) Always be Listening. To capitalize on current sentiment, a brand team must use multiple sources including social listening tools, polling and customer service feedback, to always know what the customer base is thinking.

BMA-NJ’s next event will be a Digital Marketing Summit on April 9th featuring speakers on Video Marketing via Google & YouTube, trends in Mobile Marketing for B2B and a case study on Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy.

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