Building the Foundation – Part 2 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy

“There are so many social & digital platforms, which should I use?”. That’s not only a common question, but a critical one to spend some time on when you’re developing your strategy. Here’s another one – “I know I have to use Facebook and Twitter, but what else”?

In the first part of the 90 Day Strategy, I described how to create a baseline & benchmark. Now it’s time to build – or fortify – the foundation of your digital properties.

Let me tackle the second question, and one of my pet peeves. Many people assume they have to have a Facebook page, because every company does, and “everybody’s on Facebook”. Instead of assuming, ask yourself how people would interact with your brand there. How does your B2B brand fit in with people’s usage? My guess is, not very well. The truth is, most people want to have fun on Facebook – share personal photos, updates and funny videos – not think about work. Also add the fact that many companies still block access to Facebook at work, and suddenly, Facebook isn’t such a “must have”.

Ask those same questions for any digital property you’re considering. If you want to use Twitter ask yourself:

  • How many of my target audience use Twitterbuddy-media-social-marketing
  • What do they use it for
  • What kind of messages would I send out
  • What would be my measure of success

Think this isn’t an important step? Take a look at the chart from Buddy Media which shows how crazy the social media landscape has become! You can’t do it all!

Do the same for every platform you’re considering, and pretty soon, you’ll have a top 3 or 4 that make sense for you. And that’s also key. Unless you have a large digitally-focused marketing team (does anyone?!), chances are you only have the resource to be effective with 2 or 3 social media platforms. I’d much prefer to do a few things well than to try to cover every possible platform  and miss the target on all of them.

Then write down a brief summary for each one – it will keep you focused, and give you a way to justify to senior management. (A sample of this is shown in my slideshare presentation or on the Resources page).

Final step – create interesting and compelling home pages on each social media site which represent your brand or products. There’s a great infographic from LunaMetrics that give you the dimensions for each major platform.

The final 30 days will focus on initial implementation – planning, training and establishing a program.

Published by Steve Cummins

VP of Marketing at Opengear; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

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