And on the 90th Day…He Created Content…

The first 90 days of a Digital Marketing Strategy can be a bit of a slog – interesting, rewarding, but a slog. You’ve covered a lot of ground, and no doubt learnt a lot about your business along the way. You’ve studied your competitor, identified the best places to share your knowledge, and built the various digital properties you plan to use. [See earlier posts here]

So I hate to say this but…now comes the tough part!

To be successful in a digital strategy, you have to feed the beast. You have to constantly create compelling

content to keep these digital properties vibrant, keep the dialog moving, and keep Google interested. This is where many companies fail. So here are my quick tips to keep the content flowing – [there are many, many top 10 lists out there that cover similar territory]:

  • Create a Writers club – Identify people in the company with something to say; have a group lunch once a month to debate topics and encourage them to write about it.  (Even if they’re not great writers,  it’s quicker to edit content than create 100% original material yourself)
  • Find interesting articles, and write a commentary (here’s a good example from Network for Good)

    Feed the beast
    Photo by William Warby
  • Use a photo of a company event, a book you’re reading, a fox in the garden…anything that can inspire you to write 20 words. That’s all you need to make a point. Here’s one from my friend Janet Clare.
  • Did I mention Top 10 lists? People love ’em, and they’re easy to write

There are, of course, many other ways to create content. But I know I only read the first 3 or 4 bullets in any list. So I’ll stop here.

So there you have it. My thoughts on how to kick off a Digital Marketing strategy. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t cover everything you may need. And I can’t even claim that I have done all of these things, every time. But I hope it gives you some ideas.

Let me know what I missed. What else would you do in the first 90 days?

Note: These postings are based on a presentation I gave at BMA-NJ Digital Marketing Summit. The slides and video can be viewed here

Published by Steve Cummins

Marketing leader; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

One thought on “And on the 90th Day…He Created Content…

  1. Hello old chum! I agree, I spend a lot of time thinking about content for my sites, but every minute is well spent as the vast majority of my work comes from them.

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