Why Google+ Will be A Hit…..Eventually

Did you google on Mothers Day? Between buying flowers and eating brunch, you may have come across the Google Doodle. If you had a moment to click on it, you would have gone through a clever little animation to produce a “hand-drawn” ( fridge-art style) Mothers Day card. Which then led to a Google-centric page showing all the ways they can help you celebrate (and a video guaranteed to make you smile).

Here are the headlines – can you guess the Google product?

  • Need some last-minute gift ideas? Google doodle for Mothers Day
  • Keep in touch with Mom
  • Entertain Mom
  • Find and send flowers nearby
  • Share life’s moments with Mom
  • Teach a Mom tech
[In order, they are Google Offers, Hangout, YouTube, Google Map/Locals, Google+ and “Teach Parents Tech”]

It’s an impressive list – shopping/daily deals, videochat, TV, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn/Facebook and, well, whatever Teach Parents Tech is.

Google may not be the best at each one, but the key is that they are slowly integrating them into a central hub – Google+. The clever folks at Google want to be the one-stop shop for busy people.

Like many marketers, I’ve struggled with where Google+ fits in the mix. Discussions normally focus on “what kind of unique content should I post; otherwise it’s just like LinkedIn or Facebook”. But we’re missing the point. Google+ as a social media platform isn’t really anything new or different. It’s Google+ as a convenience that is the killer app.

Of course, the other element is the importance of search. With Authorship, semantic search and +1’s, it’s hard to believe that a presence on Google+ won’t have a significant impact on your Google searchability.

So my advice – make Google+ a part of your digital marketing mix. Even if you’re not sure where it will take you, you can be sure Google+ is going places.

What are you using Google+ for?

Published by Steve Cummins

VP of Marketing at Opengear; B2B marketing professional with global experience, specializing in technology products; Digital marketing enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

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