Getting Stuff Done

I’ve been a B2B Marketer for many years, and I have developed a strong interest in the constantly changing area of digital marketing & social media. B2B for me has typically meant industrial and technology products, with a bit of software and services thrown in for fun. I’ve worked in small companies and large; European, Asian and American organizations; and well-functioning and crazy-messy places. And through it all, what’s really kept me interested is the true B2B marketing. The new stuff and the old. Enjoying the bits that work and fixing the bits that don’t.

This blog has been an on-off project for a number of years, in several incarnations. When I decided to dust it off this time, I wanted to give it a name that encapsulated my approach to Marketing (note, I didn’t say “philosophy”. And you’ll never see “guru” attached to my name anywhere. If I ever do, feel free to delete me from your LinkedIn network).

I’ve interviewed a lot of people in my 20+ years in the corporate world. We look for cultural fit. We look for skillset. We look for similar past experiences. A good friend of mine describes  the goal as finding someone “pleasant and competent”. But after a while I realized there’s one defining criteria that I’m looking for. Someone who Gets Stuff Done.

So the articles will typically talk about what I’m seeing in the B2B Marketing world. I particularly enjoy digging in to best practices for Sales Kickoff Meetings and Sales Training. And right now, I’m spending a lot of time looking at the potential of Social Selling.


An Englishman in New Jersey

At a coffee shop in Miami recently, they asked my name three times; when I went to pick up my drink “Sting” was the name on the cup. My wife was thrilled! But sadly, I’m not that Englishman; and I live over the river in New Jersey.

I was born and raised in southern England; studied Chemical Engineering at Surrey University; and moved to the US in my twenties. My career has taken me around the world, and I like to think this combination of a British education, extensive travel,  and an American approach to business gives me a unique, global view of the professional world.

Oh, and someone said I should have a life outside of Marketing. So when I’m traveling I take photos. When I’m home I play golf and cheer on Liverpool FC. And I read business books for fun…..!

You can find out more on my profile at LinkedIn. Although I work for Opengear, all views expressed on this blog are personal opinions.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your comments!
Steve Cummins at BMA headshot


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