Who is Steve Cummins?

I’ve been a B2B Marketer for many years, and I have developed a strong interest in the constantly changing area of digital marketing & social media. B2B for me has typically meant meant industrial and technology products. But I recently moved into the world of performance improvement software and services, which brings a whole new set of insights and challenges. I frequently write articles on sales incentives and employee engagement  on the Next Level Performance website.

I have traveled frequently to Asia and Europe, which often gives me a different perspective on the topics of the day.

Originally from England, I now live and work in New Jersey, and have a passion for travel. I like to think this combination of a British education with an American approach to business gives me a unique, global view of the professional world.

When I’m not thinking about Marketing, I’m hopefully taking photos,  hacking my way around a golf course, or cheering on Liverpool FC.

You can find out more on my profile at LinkedIn. Although I work for Opengear, all views expressed on this blog are personal opinions.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your comments!
Steve Cummins at BMA headshot

Wordcloud from My LinkedIn Profile

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