Solent Strategies

The Solent is a unique stretch of water in southern England, separating the Isle of Wight from the mainland. It’s a beautiful place with white cliffs, racing sailboats, an iconic red-and-white lighthouse, and tons of history.

It’s also the location of an unusual phenomenon – a double high tide. Water floods into the Solent in two waves and gives the ports, sailors and water enthusiasts an added advantage – more water, more of the time.

In the world of B2B Technology Marketing, we’re always looking for that edge. The thing that will push us a little further, set us apart from our competitors, make the product launch a roaring success. Solent Strategies looks for that Double High Tide that will lift your marketing performance higher than those around you.

It’s not about clever ideas or neat tricks. It’s an understanding of the latest thinking and best practices in B2B Marketing, particularly in the technology arena, and how they can apply to growing businesses.

I read business books and listen to marketing podcasts for fun. This blog is a way to share the ideas that are current in the marketing world, add some perspective from my own B2B experience, and start conversations with my network of enthusiastic marketers.

I’ve been a B2B Marketer for many years, and I have developed a strong interest in the constantly changing area of digital marketing & social media. B2B for me has typically meant industrial and technology products, with a bit of software and services thrown in for fun. I’ve worked in small companies and large; European, Asian and American organizations; well-functioning groups and crazy-messy places. And through it all, what’s really kept me interested is the true B2B marketing. The new stuff and the old. Enjoying the bits that work and fixing the bits that don’t.

You can find out more on my profile at LinkedIn. And if you find these conversations interesting, I’m happy to talk more in depth.

Solent Strategies is a side project, which allows me to share the knowledge gained over many years in marketing. I particualrly enjoy mentoring marketers as they grow their career, My main professional focus is as VP of Marketing for Opengear, but all views expressed on this blog are personal opinions.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your comments!
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