Japan – #1 for Customer Service

A recent article in NYTimes Magazine “Where to Get the World’s Best Service” listed Japan as the country with the “World’s Best Service”  at 4.4 out of 5 points. . No other country was even close, with Thailand at number 2 with 3.9. (http://ow.ly/6xklu) This should be no surprise to anyone who has traveled to Japan.Continue reading “Japan – #1 for Customer Service”

Digital Publishing – The Death of Marketing through Print Media?

BMA-NJ’s recent event “Hybrid Marketing – Digital, Social and Print Media” gave a fresh perspective on the shift from print to digital journals and the implications to Marketers. Joe Pramberger, President of Tech Briefs Media Group, shared his views on how digital media has brought new opportunities to the world of trade journals As aContinue reading “Digital Publishing – The Death of Marketing through Print Media?”

QR Codes – here, there and everywhere…

QR codes seem to be the “in” thing at the moment. I see them everywhere on brochures, ads and menus. At a recent  conference I attended, they were projected on to large screens, with a link to feedback surveys for each speaker. So – are they really worth it? It all depends on how youContinue reading “QR Codes – here, there and everywhere…”

Use a Post-It Note to make your mark

I recently stayed at a Doubletree hotel in downtown Chicago, and saw a novel, attention-getting way to advertise the in-house restaurant – a Post-It on the mirror: Here’s why it worked: Placement – everyone looks in the mirror! Eye-catching/unexpected – my first thought was “Did the last guest leave a note?”! Personal call to actionContinue reading “Use a Post-It Note to make your mark”

BMA Unleash – The Inspiration for this Blog

I was fortunate to attend the BMA (Business Marketing Association) conference in Chicago last month, and was inspired to become more engaged in the world of B2B Marketing. I’ve plied my trade as a B2B marketer in semiconductor and electronics industries for many years, but have always felt that most of the marketing books andContinue reading “BMA Unleash – The Inspiration for this Blog”