The Tsunami Test (or Keeping it Simple)

Sometimes we get caught up in being too clever. A witty tag line… … a 3D-rendered image.. … a QR code leading to a cartoon video…. … or one of a hundred other “clever” marketing tricks. But I was reminded of the power of a simple, understandable image recently  when I traveled down the coastContinue reading “The Tsunami Test (or Keeping it Simple)”

ECIA Marketing Excellence Awards

I was thrilled earlier this month to accept two Marketing Excellence awards from the Electronics Component Industry Association (ECIA) on behalf of the Panasonic Electric Works (PEWA) Marketing team. The first was in the Social Media Outreach category (Honorable Mention), recognizing PEWA’s TechInsights blog. We set up the blog 12 months ago, to establish Panasonic’s engineering team asContinue reading “ECIA Marketing Excellence Awards”

The Mobile Revolution – What it Means for B2B Marketing

“7 Billion people on earth and 6 Billion mobile subscriptions – it’s revolutionary”. That’s how Christine “CK” Kerley began her presentation to the Business Marketing Association of NJ on how Mobile Marketing is key to B2B success. Some impressive numbers – 7 trillion texts sent in 2011, 183 billion apps to be downloaded in 2015 – highlight that our cellphones areContinue reading “The Mobile Revolution – What it Means for B2B Marketing”

QR codes for Business Cards – good idea or bad?

QR codes are popping up everywhere, and I have been asked several times about their use on Business Cards. Does a QR code belong there? Here’s a few points to consider: 1) Is it relevant to your business? If you are selling to a tecy-savvy market, or maybe the packaging industry, then it can beContinue reading “QR codes for Business Cards – good idea or bad?”

QR Codes – here, there and everywhere…

QR codes seem to be the “in” thing at the moment. I see them everywhere on brochures, ads and menus. At a recent  conference I attended, they were projected on to large screens, with a link to feedback surveys for each speaker. So – are they really worth it? It all depends on how youContinue reading “QR Codes – here, there and everywhere…”