And on the 90th Day…He Created Content…

The first 90 days of a Digital Marketing Strategy can be a bit of a slog – interesting, rewarding, but a slog. You’ve covered a lot of ground, and no doubt learnt a lot about your business along the way. You’ve studied your competitor, identified the best places to share your knowledge, and built theContinue reading “And on the 90th Day…He Created Content…”

The Final Stretch- Part 3 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy

Is Digital Marketing fun? Many parts of it are – but in the final 30 days of your initial strategy, you have to focus on the more “procedural” aspects, to ensure you’re set up for success.[Earlier postings describe the First & Second 30 days] Write Down the Plan. This doesn’t have to be over-complicated, butContinue reading “The Final Stretch- Part 3 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy”

Yes, They’re Watching You…..

Hello, I’m Steve and I’m a Coffee Addict! Not a surprise to those who know me – but it lead to a surprise for me this week. I recently ordered a new espresso machine from the good folks at Whole Latte Love (WLL). I went back to the site to check on the shipment, and wasContinue reading “Yes, They’re Watching You…..”

ECIA Marketing Excellence Awards

I was thrilled earlier this month to accept two Marketing Excellence awards from the Electronics Component Industry Association (ECIA) on behalf of the Panasonic Electric Works (PEWA) Marketing team. The first was in the Social Media Outreach category (Honorable Mention), recognizing PEWA’s TechInsights blog. We set up the blog 12 months ago, to establish Panasonic’s engineering team asContinue reading “ECIA Marketing Excellence Awards”

Are you a Twitter Influencer?

I try to keep in the habit of running 2 or 3 times a week,  before I head off to work.  And as I run, I typically listen to a podcast (it keeps my mind of the fact that I can’t breathe, my legs are killing me, and I’m not as fit as I thinkContinue reading “Are you a Twitter Influencer?”