ECIA Marketing Excellence Awards

I was thrilled earlier this month to accept two Marketing Excellence awards from the Electronics Component Industry Association (ECIA) on behalf of the Panasonic Electric Works (PEWA) Marketing team. The first was in the Social Media Outreach category (Honorable Mention), recognizing PEWA’s TechInsights blog. We set up the blog 12 months ago, to establish Panasonic’s engineering team asContinue reading “ECIA Marketing Excellence Awards”

Why Pinterest Doesn’t Make Sense for Your Business

“Top 5 ways to use Pinterest”; Grow your business with Pinterest”; “Don’t miss out – start Pinteresting today” Every where I look, there are articles, comments and tweets about Pinterest. So I thought I should take a serious look at it and how it can apply to business. I quickly came back to my originalContinue reading “Why Pinterest Doesn’t Make Sense for Your Business”

Do Engineers Use Social Media?

If you sell products to engineers, you probably struggle with a basic question – Do they use Social Media? Globalspec recently published a report on Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector, which shows that they do, but in a specific way. If you’re selling in to these markets, take a look, and you’ll get some cluesContinue reading “Do Engineers Use Social Media?”

How the US lost the Consumer Electronics Business to Asia

The New York Times has a great article documenting the gradual move of Apple’s manufacturing business from the US to Asia over the last decade “How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work”. In following the thought process of Apple executives, it clearly shows why these tech-related manufacturing jobs are largely going offshore. It brings toContinue reading “How the US lost the Consumer Electronics Business to Asia”

Why would an Engineer visit your website?

With the expansion of blogs, social media and content curators, it’s valid to ask “why would an engineer visit a manufacturer’s website”? There’s so much material available, from a variety of reliable sources, that it may be too cumbersome or just not “authentic” enough for your customer to visit you. Why look at the sanitized,Continue reading “Why would an Engineer visit your website?”