One in (Two) Million..!

Once again, the Brains at LinkedIn have hit a home run. The emails started dropping about a week ago – “Congratulations! You have one of the top 1% (or 5, or 10) most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012”. A nanosecond later, people were emailing, tweeting and sharing their “success” with the world (made easier byContinue reading “One in (Two) Million..!”

LinkedIn Endorsements – Good, Bad or Indifferent?

It’s the latest thing. In the first week, 4 million endorsements were given on LinkedIn. But the jury is still out on whether they have staying power, or just a flash in the pan. They’re interesting…….but not necessarily for the reason they are intended. When I see an endorsement, I find myself asking three questions:Continue reading “LinkedIn Endorsements – Good, Bad or Indifferent?”

LinkedIn: BrandConnect12 Conference

This week was LinkedIn’s annual conference in NYC – BrandConnect12 – which gives marketers a chance to hear about the latest developments, and participate in discussions and panel sessions.   The keynote from Clay Shirky was fascinating, as he gave his view of how media usage is changing, and how marketing must adapt. I won’t do itContinue reading “LinkedIn: BrandConnect12 Conference”

The Power of The Cascading Network – Expanding Reach Through LinkedIn

I tend to assume that most people I interact with are active users of Linkedin.  But from time to time, I find myself convincing someone of the power of  the Linkedin network Beyond the standard advantages – keeping up to date with people, having access to shared articles etc – the one that is often the mostContinue reading “The Power of The Cascading Network – Expanding Reach Through LinkedIn”

The First Three Questions for a Social Media Strategy

We Tweet, We Blog, We LinkIn – but does 1+1=3? Like many corporate marketers, particularly in B2B, I’m not lucky enough to have dedicated resources to manage our social media and digital marketing activities. Fortunately, I do have a dedicated band of marketers who each contribute to our social media outlets as part of their regular tasks.Continue reading “The First Three Questions for a Social Media Strategy”