5 Tips For Your LinkedIn Photo

One of the hardest parts of LinkedIn is finding a good photo for your profile. So here’s some pointers on how to get one that works for you. There is only one rule for Linkedin profile photos – you MUST have one! No more excuses – if you don’t have a photo, it looks likeContinue reading “5 Tips For Your LinkedIn Photo”

Do Engineers Use Social Media?

If you sell products to engineers, you probably struggle with a basic question – Do they use Social Media? Globalspec recently published a report on Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector, which shows that they do, but in a specific way. If you’re selling in to these markets, take a look, and you’ll get some cluesContinue reading “Do Engineers Use Social Media?”

How to add a Chief Content Officer to your team – for free!

NPR recently announced that their executive in charge of Digital Media would become their Chief Content Officer. In a piece in the New York Times, it’s reported that the News and Programming departments will both report in to this new position, highlighting the importance of creating and sharing content across digital and traditional channels. So while weContinue reading “How to add a Chief Content Officer to your team – for free!”

I’ve got a Profile. Now What? 3 More Things To Do on LinkedIn

So, you’ve set up a profile on LinkedIn. Now what? If you read my earlier posting, hopefully you have a decent photo, a list of all of your employers, and have started to build a good number of connections. But unless you’re looking for a job, that’s not going to give you much satisfaction. LinkedIn canContinue reading “I’ve got a Profile. Now What? 3 More Things To Do on LinkedIn”