Are You The Sales Rep’s Emotional Favorite?

Selling through a network of third-party reps or sales agents can be a challenge. How do you get more than your fair share of their time? When I was marketing a line of electronic components at Panasonic, we spent a lot of time thinking about the most effective ways to work with our sales partners.Continue reading “Are You The Sales Rep’s Emotional Favorite?”

Packaging is Worth a Thousand Words

Tonx ships freshly roasted coffee beans to your door. I recently signed up for a sample, and before I even brewed the first cup, I knew it was going to be good quality. How? The packaging. First of all, the coffee itself was in a sexy-looking silver airtight package that you could imagine being on theContinue reading “Packaging is Worth a Thousand Words”

5 Ways to #Fail with a Survey

Thanks to Amtrak, I was treated to a great example of how NOT to survey your customers. A few days ago, a plain white envelope, looking a little bill-like, appeared in my mail box. Normally, I take the time to complete these surveys – call it a professional courtesy from one Marketer to another. ButContinue reading “5 Ways to #Fail with a Survey”

The Tsunami Test (or Keeping it Simple)

Sometimes we get caught up in being too clever. A witty tag line… … a 3D-rendered image.. … a QR code leading to a cartoon video…. … or one of a hundred other “clever” marketing tricks. But I was reminded of the power of a simple, understandable image recently  when I traveled down the coastContinue reading “The Tsunami Test (or Keeping it Simple)”

Are Millennials Really Our Only Hope?

“If you’re serious about Digital Marketing, only hire Millennials”. That was the frequently voiced sentiment at the BMA Blaze conference in Chicago this week. In fact, it began to feel like a mantra. And then it began to irk me.   This was a room of 750+ intelligent people, many of whom would count themselvesContinue reading “Are Millennials Really Our Only Hope?”