Are Millennials Really Our Only Hope?

“If you’re serious about Digital Marketing, only hire Millennials”. That was the frequently voiced sentiment at the BMA Blaze conference in Chicago this week. In fact, it began to feel like a mantra. And then it began to irk me.   This was a room of 750+ intelligent people, many of whom would count themselvesContinue reading “Are Millennials Really Our Only Hope?”

Why Google+ Will be A Hit…..Eventually

Did you google on Mothers Day? Between buying flowers and eating brunch, you may have come across the Google Doodle. If you had a moment to click on it, you would have gone through a clever little animation to produce a “hand-drawn” ( fridge-art style) Mothers Day card. Which then led to a Google-centric page showingContinue reading “Why Google+ Will be A Hit…..Eventually”

And on the 90th Day…He Created Content…

The first 90 days of a Digital Marketing Strategy can be a bit of a slog – interesting, rewarding, but a slog. You’ve covered a lot of ground, and no doubt learnt a lot about your business along the way. You’ve studied your competitor, identified the best places to share your knowledge, and built theContinue reading “And on the 90th Day…He Created Content…”

The Final Stretch- Part 3 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy

Is Digital Marketing fun? Many parts of it are – but in the final 30 days of your initial strategy, you have to focus on the more “procedural” aspects, to ensure you’re set up for success.[Earlier postings describe the First & Second 30 days] Write Down the Plan. This doesn’t have to be over-complicated, butContinue reading “The Final Stretch- Part 3 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy”

Building the Foundation – Part 2 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy

“There are so many social & digital platforms, which should I use?”. That’s not only a common question, but a critical one to spend some time on when you’re developing your strategy. Here’s another one – “I know I have to use Facebook and Twitter, but what else”? In the first part of the 90Continue reading “Building the Foundation – Part 2 of a 90 Day Digital Marketing Strategy”