5 Ways to #Fail with a Survey

Thanks to Amtrak, I was treated to a great example of how NOT to survey your customers. A few days ago, a plain white envelope, looking a little bill-like, appeared in my mail box. Normally, I take the time to complete these surveys – call it a professional courtesy from one Marketer to another. ButContinue reading “5 Ways to #Fail with a Survey”

Imitation may be the Best Form of Flattery…But is it Good Marketing?

A few weeks ago, the Digital Marketing world was buzzing with LinkedIn’s clever word-of-mouth campaign for the “One Percenters” (See my earlier post “One in Two Million” ). This week, I got a similar email from TripAdvisor. Could it be coincidence? Had they been planning to do this all along, when they hit 100 million? Hmm…Unlikely!Continue reading “Imitation may be the Best Form of Flattery…But is it Good Marketing?”

Japan – #1 for Customer Service

A recent article in NYTimes Magazine “Where to Get the World’s Best Service” listed Japan as the country with the “World’s Best Service”  at 4.4 out of 5 points. . No other country was even close, with Thailand at number 2 with 3.9. (http://ow.ly/6xklu) This should be no surprise to anyone who has traveled to Japan.Continue reading “Japan – #1 for Customer Service”

Use a Post-It Note to make your mark

I recently stayed at a Doubletree hotel in downtown Chicago, and saw a novel, attention-getting way to advertise the in-house restaurant – a Post-It on the mirror: Here’s why it worked: Placement – everyone looks in the mirror! Eye-catching/unexpected – my first thought was “Did the last guest leave a note?”! Personal call to actionContinue reading “Use a Post-It Note to make your mark”