Does the Visitor Center Truly Represent the Brand?

Customer Experience. One obvious expression is the way a brand designs their “visitor center” and on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, I sampled two very different styles. On my first trip to Seattle in more than 10 years, I knew I was going to visit the Starbucks Roastery. Despite my preference for independentContinue reading “Does the Visitor Center Truly Represent the Brand?”

Do You Live Up To Your Brand Promise?

Shanghai Jazz is a Chinese restaurant in Madison NJ, but not your everyday Chinese joint. As the name suggests, they pride themselves on bring live Jazz to suburban New Jersey – and top quality Jazz at that. Their philosophy is “warm hospitality, gourmet Asian cuisine inspired by the seasons…” per their website, and I’ve alwaysContinue reading “Do You Live Up To Your Brand Promise?”

What B2B Marketers are Talking About – BMA Blaze

Integrating Marketing with Technology; The Battle for Attention; Realtime Marketing. These were the three most talked about subjects at the recent BMA Blaze Conference in Chicago, attended by 750 leading Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers. In the last few years, there have been a lot of “new” marketing issues to discuss – migration to mobile; the riseContinue reading “What B2B Marketers are Talking About – BMA Blaze”

Born to Blog – Book Review

Why read a book about Blogging? I’ve been blogging for a couple of years,  so why read what seems to be a “beginners” book – Born to Blog ? Simple answer – Mark Schaefer. He was an early inspiration with Tao of Twitter, and one of the digital media folks I always look to for trends – so IContinue reading “Born to Blog – Book Review”

The First 90 Days of a Digital Marketing Strategy – Q&A With BMA Buzz

In advance of BMA-NJ’s Digital Marketing Summit, the folks at BMA Buzz were kind enough to interview me for a Q&A Article in their eNewsletter. Here’s the first question – click-through to BMA Buzz to read more… Buzz: What do marketers need to accomplish in the first 90 days? Steve Cummins: The first 90 days should beContinue reading “The First 90 Days of a Digital Marketing Strategy – Q&A With BMA Buzz”