Do you Trust Your LinkedIn Network?

The average American knows 600 people, according to recent research from Columbia University. As Harvard Business Review explains it, that would fill two Boeing 787s   (but would you risk your entire network on a Dreamliner?!) Many people are proud of being “500+” on LinkedIn, so I guess the numbers line up. But the study alsoContinue reading “Do you Trust Your LinkedIn Network?”

One in (Two) Million..!

Once again, the Brains at LinkedIn have hit a home run. The emails started dropping about a week ago – “Congratulations! You have one of the top 1% (or 5, or 10) most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012”. A nanosecond later, people were emailing, tweeting and sharing their “success” with the world (made easier byContinue reading “One in (Two) Million..!”

LinkedIn gives Companies a Voice – why you now need Followers on LinkedIn.

I’m a big fan of Linkedin as a professional resource. I find myself visiting daily, to see if anyone in my network has posted an article that is interesting, or linked to a piece of industry news. I check my Groups to see if there’s a new discussion thread that I want to chime inContinue reading “LinkedIn gives Companies a Voice – why you now need Followers on LinkedIn.”